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Our bronzes have been sculpted by British artists and carefully hand cast in an English foundry in Birmingham, using the traditional lost wax method of casting. Each piece undergoes a 14 step process which begins when a rubber mould is made of the original sculpture, before a wax duplicate is cast in this mould and removed. A second ceramic mould is made from the wax duplicate, and the wax is subsequently melted away. Finally the molten bronze is poured into the ceramic mould at 1200oC, to create the pieces you see here. Once the bronze has cooled, the mould is broken off and a team of craftsmen hand finish the sculpture and apply the patina to create the desired final colour.

Interior sculptures in bronze are made by Paul Jenkins, Alan Glasby, Michael Storey, Jacqueline Warren, Robert Crutchley, Kate Morgan, Helen sinclair and Len Gifford. Some pieces are limited edition. Cold cast bronze figures are made by Deborah Scaldwell.


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