Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture of Terns


Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture of Terns

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Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture of Terns

A veritable Cotillion of terns, swooping and diving!

H cm x L  cm x W  cm

This garden sculpture comes with a support so can be positioned in your garden or pond.

Collect from gallery  £2,750

Please contact the gallery to discuss delivery/collection.

Made in Herefordshire

Miranda creates one-of-a-kind wildlife and equine sculptures in steel to private commission for those with an appreciation of nature and traditional fieldsports.Each piece is a “one off” made in stainless steel or corten steel. Wildlife and equine subjects. I am completely self taught and have developed a style and technique that is entirely my own. There is no casting or reproduction involved. In the case of the birds, each and every feather is made individually.My lifelong interest in wildlife and involvement in fieldsports is my inspiration. The use of steel enables me to portray the movement and lightness that is the essence of wild things, but also the power and strength of the horse.