Textile Collage Hergest Ridge ll


‘Hergest Ridge ll’

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Textile Collage ‘Hergest Ridge ll’

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70 x 50 cm including wood frame.

Su graduated from Herefordshire College of Art in 2001
with BA (Hons) in Design Crafts.
Landscapes are her inspiration where light and colour evoke their unique
atmosphere. Mountains, seascapes, vistas, of places she has travelled all
inspire her.

The nature of the terrain, from soft undulating hills in subtle tones and hues, to rugged scenes bathed in dramatic light, Su captures these on film and with quick sketches so that she can use these to create her textural images.
‘I begin with the background, working quickly with dye washes, allowing them
to blend freely on a wet and dry surface to create very different effects. Then
I add layers of fabric and stitch to build up a relief image of colour and texture
to highlight a particular area or to add an extra dimension. Colours can be
soft and calm or loud and dramatic, evocative of the landscape.’
‘I particularly like collagraphs as they produce a softer image that I often enhance with watercolour.