Border Walk Textile Collage


Border Walk Textile Collage

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Border Walk Textile Collage

Collect from gallery £850

Including UK delivery £890

Framed size 68 x 68 cm

Image size 50cm  

UV glass

Kate did an art degree in Textiles at Kidderminster College after a Foundation year at Winchester School of Art. She worked in industry as a surface pattern designer for four years. After she was made redundant, Kate retrained as a teacher. She has taught art and design technology for 20 years in Secondary and Primary schools and also adult classes and pre-school children. She left my job as Head of Art at Hugh Farringdon Secondary School when she was expecting her son. She currently teach art part time in a private junior school. This has given her time to develop her own work and although for many years she painted, she has returned to her textiles background and currently use textiles as her main media, producing large art quilts and mixed media pieces which although rooted in the quilt process, push the boundaries of art quilting.

Currently Kate is interested in depicting the British countryside and wildlife, particularly in the South of England. Starting with white fabric, her work uses hand dyed and hand printed textiles, which are collaged and stitched to build up a rich surface. The effects of light and shadow are important in Kate’s work, as is subtle use of colour and texture. She enjoys using the randomly marked fabric to create accidental texture and tonal variations. The work is finished with free motion embroidery. A large stash of fabric is needed to have every tone and colour instantly available!

In 2008, Kate saw a newspaper article about the Large Hadron Collider run by CERN in Switzerland. The images with the article resonated with her and she started a body of work that she is passionately interested in developing. Although Kate trained in textiles she has only recently come back to it, and is using textiles now as her principle medium.