Ceramic Wall Mounted ‘Beneath & Above’

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 ‘Beneath & Above’



Ceramic Wall Mounted ‘Beneath & Above’

Ruth is a photographer, printmaker and ceramicist. She combines all her expertise to create these beautiful original wall mounted art works.

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Strung and ready to hang 60 x 20 cm

Ceramic on painted wood.

Ruth says: “I use ceramic screen printing techniques to apply photographic images onto slabs of porcelain. I am inspired by the natural landscape, my love of walking in the Shropshire Hills, or collecting shells and pebbles on the Welsh coast.

My photographs include architectural imagery, details from the natural environment, shadows, birds in flight. The selected images are printed on acetate before being fixed onto a silk screen using photosensitive emulsion.

Porcelain is rolled out into thin sheets, handling it carefully at this stage, as clay has a ‘memory’ and will try to return to any crease or bend put into it. Allowing the surface to dry a little before screen printing and yet keeping the main body of the clay wet enough to still form into bowl shapes, is a process that develops with experience.

I find the printing process an exciting way of working; once printed, the clay can be stretched and formed over moulds, often not disturbing the quality and structure of the image. Alternatively the print can be manipulated and distorted, cropped or enhanced; small sections can be removed or added to create interesting abstract patterns on a ceramic surface. The possibilities from one or two strong images in terms of form and the printed surface are endless.”