Cliffhanger  Recycled Mixed Media 


Cliffhanger  Recycled Mixed Media 


Cliffhanger  Recycled Mixed Media 


One man’s trash is Another man’s treasure

Collect from gallery £95

Including UK delivery £115

Ready to hang

21 x 30 cm

Made from recycling/upcycling everyday materials including plastic sushi fish made into swordfish and large fat mackerel, bubble wrap used for printing, tin pie cases and even a paddle kebab stick!

Rachael creates 3D art from recycled and found objects. She enjoys both the freedom and challenge of up-cycling and recycling everyday materials and found objects into quirky mixed media pictures and decorations.  A used scouring pad can be hair or smoke for a chimney and sweet wrappers become curtains or head scarves.  A certain shape, texture or colour will spark off an idea of how she can give something that has been discarded a new lease of life. 

Each piece of work has a story behind it as to where its materials origins began, making it quite unique. 

The inspiration for her characters and scenes are based on her everyday observations of people and her surroundings in Rhayader, Mid-Wales and further afield, along with a hint of nostalgia. She loves using colour and likes to think her pieces have a sense of humour, giving a feel-good factor which is much needed now and again. 

Rachael uses paper pulp and layers up other materials to create a 3d effect collage, so the viewer feels they can step into a scene and become part of it. 

“My early years of watching Blue Peter – and later on when I was an art student in Exeter scouting fruitful skips for cheap art materials – have influenced my style of working today minus the tetanus jabs and sticky-back plastic (which we never had at home). I have plenty of imagination and with a bit of TLC I believe “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”