Cold Cast Bronze Resin Stepping Out


Stepping Out


Cold Cast Bronze Resin Stepping Out

An Indian Runner Duck on the move……….stepping out of the water…..

Limited edition 6/50

H 29 x D 19 x W 17 cm

Collect from gallery £275

Including UK delivery £305

Sally Harris studied Ceramics and 3D Design at Bath Academy of Art, graduating in 1971, following her foundation Course at Hereford College of Art. She gained PGCE at Lancaster before taking up teaching.

Sally then retired from teaching to raise a family and renovate an old cottage, among the Shropshire Hills AONB, where her ducks run round the garden and orchard.

She has spent some years developing skills as a ceramic artist, sculpting in porcelain, bone china and stoneware. She also paints on raw porcelain with colours she makes from mineral salts, and uses them like watercolours. Sally loves working with clay and the excitement of firing.

Sally now sculpts in wax for casting in bronze. The Indian Runner ducks she has bred and shown, are her first subjects and are  the result of years of detailed observation.