Colour Mono-print   Meadow Plants ll


Meadow Plants ll

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Colour Mono-print   Meadow Plants ll

Collect from gallery £250

Including UK delivery £280

H 58  x W 38 cm image

H 75 x W 55 cm in 2.5 cm wide wood frame

Colour mono-prints.  “The mono-print technique allows me to use the botanical material collected by walking the hedgerows and verges that I have known since childhood. The plant itself makes the image – the images are a record of its beauty. Each print is an original as no plate is made when making mono-prints, enabling an exploration of silhouetting, embossing and layering with colour.”

Helen’s current work uses a variety of processes to document the dissolution of the farm which has been an important presence in my work for 20 years.

There are objects and spaces within agrarian structures and landscape that have been fixed all my life, that must now change. Previously I have drawn on the activities and processes, now it is these places, objects and memories that need to be held.

Walking the land worked for generations, objects that have been adapted and added to but that are now longer fit for purpose, all of which have a rich emotional resonance for me.

A need to archive something that is about to change demanded new processes so I have used both digital and camera-less photography, as well as printmaking techniques such as dry-point etching and monotype.

‘Growing up in a small village in the border lands Helen is the fifth generation to know the farm worked by her mother’s family.  The pervading culture was an agrarian Methodist one, centred on the rituals of non-conformist religious practice and the cycles of the farming year.  The Christian ethic of “Put your hands to work and your minds to God”, taken to a near-perfect extreme in the artefacts of the Shaker sect, runs deep within such societies and is evidenced in the way in which things are done.  Amongst the first aesthetic experiences that Helen can recall are, “Linen cupboards stacked high and deep with white starched, ironed and folded, table cloths and other household items” and “Ploughed soil, furrows following the contours of the land, borders and hedges.”’

Helen was born in Ludlow in 1974.  She attended Herefordshire College of Art and Design and the Ruskin School in Oxford.  From 1998-1999 she studied at the School of Art, University of Wales, Aberystwyth funded by a bursary from the British Academy and was awarded an M.A. with distinction.

She has exhibited widely and recent exhibitions include ‘Picture This’ at the Bargehouse, London and ‘Three Textile Artists’ at Howard Gardens Gallery in Cardiff UWIC, ‘Surface’ at Jaggedart, London in 2006.  Her work was selected for ‘Made in the Middle’, a Craftspace Touring show in 2007, for a solo show at Harris Gallery, Poole and was represented at ArtLondon 2007 and 2008 by Jaggedart.