Concentric Side Table


Cherry and sycamore side table



Concentric Side Table

British Sycamore base with British Cherry top.

120 cm long, 30 cm deep, 90 cm high.

Collect from gallery £1,335

Benjamin is a U.K. based designer and cabinetmaker of contemporary fine furniture.

From his workshop in rural Herefordshire,  he creates beautiful hand-made pieces of furniture in quality sustainable hardwoods such as Oak, Bog Oak, Sycamore, Ripple Sycamore, Ash, Olive Ash, Cherry, Walnut, and Pear.

He uses both traditional joinery techniques such as mortice and tenons, hand cut dove tails, coopering and solid steam bending, as well as the more modern and contemporary cabinet making construction methods of single ply, stack lamination and biscuit joinery.

As a maker of fine furniture he has worked for clients across Herefordshire and Worcestershire as well as Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Wales, Powys and Gloucestershire. His satisfaction derives from paying particular attention to quality of craftsmanship and furniture design integrity.

He is particularly influenced by Scandinavian furniture designers such as Alva Alto and Hans Wegner and the sculpture of Andy Goldsworthy. He also admires the integrity and ethics of the Arts & Crafts movement and its subsequent revival for the truth to materials, honest construction and the fact the furniture is not over decorated.