Enamel on copper Lions


Enamel on copper



Enamel on copper Lions

by Beryl Turpin

Including wide gold frame.

36 x 38 cm

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Including UK delivery £515

Beryl Turpin trained in Fine Art at St Martin’s School of Art, London. She lives part of the year in Brighton and also spends time in Spain. She first used enamel as a medium in 1968.

Her enamel on copper work had been widely exhibited in this country and abroad. Her enamel on copper work is in the collections of the Elebor Foundation, Switzerland and the New Metropole Arts Centre, Folkstone.

“From a sketch I make a drawing to the size of the copper I want to use. Each enamel needs 10-12 firings – introducing different colours per firing. All the enamel colours must fuse at a compatible firing temperature.

“At the initial stage one can only use the enamel colours that will not deteriorate over so many firings. I use a variety of techniques, such as sgraffito and wet inlay, to build up the final work.”

Sadly, Beryl passed away earlier this year. Both she and her amazing enamelling will be greatly missed.