Forged and galvanised Snail

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Forged and galvanised Snail



Forged and galvanised Snail

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H 48 x W 37 x L 137 cm

 Christy is a blacksmith whose sculptures not only represent animals and birds but also human figures. Whilst ensuring that their three dimensional form conveys the identity of the species she gently abstracts the image to allow a special relationship to develop between the object and the viewer. Of particular emphasis are the wonderfully shaped birds, either soaring high above the horizon or fettling around in the ground.

Christy studied at the Hereford College of Art, specialising in artistic ironwork and restoration. Upon leaving college she had various jobs, from milking cows and lambing sheep to laying industrial floors. In 1998, with the encouragement of friends and family she returned to blacksmithing and started her own business. She works in a picturesque two hundred year old Smithy and lives happily on the slopes of the Shropshire hills with one man and several dogs.