Large Rectangular Raku Tile Green Tree


 Green Tree


Large Rectangular Raku Tile Green Tree

‘The Earth longs to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair’

Large Rectangular tile 20 x 28 cm

Collect from gallery £90

Including UK delivery £105

One in a new collection of British made Raku fired ceramic tiles that are carefully painted and include quotes. Each tile is made individually by hand using ancient techniques dating back to Roman times. The tiles are created by carving into the clay whilst it is still damp and then using coloured slip to bring images and words to life making each tile unique.

Four different coloured clays are then applied to fill in the carved areas. Once dry the tile is scraped back to reveal the image and quote.

The tile is dried and then glazed and fired raw over a very long firing. While it is still warm it is taken from the kiln and a stain is washed over the top to define the crackle glaze.

Each process takes time, care and a lot of love, as it is very fragile until its finished state.