Needle Felted Resting Hare


Resting Hare

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Needle Felted Resting Hare

Ready to spring into action!

This gorgeous large hare is oh so soft and very touchy feely!

H (to tips of ears) 14 x L 14 x W 9 cm

Collect from gallery £210

Including UK delivery £225

Karin Celestine, fibre artist, writer and illustrator from Monmouthshire, has created a delightful collection of needle felted creatures from hares to badgers to robins, each one with its own charm, character and mischief.

She can happily turn her hand to making all creatures great and small, mythical as well as real. 

In Karin’s garden there is a shed and in that shed is another world – the world of Celestine and the Hare.

It is a world where weasels are ruled by King Norty, bears read stories to each other and water voles have allotment sheds. The Circus Mice pass through in the summer, and the Lightbringers in the winter, as do many other friends old and new. It is a place that makes people smile and where kindness and mischief are the order of the day.

Karin taught children: about art, chemistry, numbers, crafts and magic, but she was always drawn back to the Shed where she brings to life creatures of all kinds using only wool, observation and the power of imagination.

Karin and the creatures love stories and kindness, books and choklit and making things, and on Sundays they have Danish pastries but not the apricot ones because they are frankly wrong.

She explains ‘I make whatever comes into my mind, which is full of stories and pictures. A found object, a conversation, even my lunch can inspire me and I never have enough time to do everything that is swirling around in my mind but I also do commissions.  I make all creatures great and small, mythical as well as real. I don’t do people, but otherwise ask away. I love a challenge. I can do likenesses of pets, not exact replicas but a likeness.’