‘One Fine Day’


‘One Fine Day’

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‘One Fine Day’

Watercolour & Gold Leaf

Beautiful Goldfinches in all their glory!

Original Watercolour and 24ct Gold Leaf, painted on Saunders Waterford 638gsm cotton paper.

Collect from gallery £650

Including UK delivery £695

Image 24 x 24 cm, mounted in a deep conservation grade mount

Including 2 cm wide wood frame, hand painted in Mole’s Breath grey 43 x 43 cm

UV filter, non-reflective glass. Please hang out of direct sunlight.

Linda has developed a passion for gold leaf, which can ‘illuminate’ a painting. Working mainly with watercolour on paper, and sometimes on gesso, she inscribes pattern and a texture drawn into the gold that tells another part of the story. Medieval and Renaissance art, Persian, Indian and Egyptian art – countless hours spent in the National Gallery and the V&A – are a great inspiration! As are birds and gardens as a subject. The freedom and colour of birds can be emblematic of so many human traits and conditions. She aims to create a modern yet timeless fragment. Her paintings are rooted in ancient culture but have a contemporary feel. They are a modern expression of something very old.

‘Paintings of birds and animals set in jewel colours with gold leaf tell the story of a paradise garden. Rich in detail and patterning, these pieces illuminate a room. We mostly live in cities where we might long for an enclosed garden in which to find an hour of sunlit peace. Birds inhabit the garden and it is filled with trees and flowers. The garden as paradise: this is my theme. My work has a timeless quality that is rooted in ancient art yet is very contemporary.’