‘Pembrokeshire Evening

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Pembrokeshire Evening



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Pembrokeshire Evening

Acrylic on canvas original painting

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This is collect from gallery only due to size

Canvas 50 x 70 cm

Showing in our Hay Festival Exhibition 2021 opening on Saturday May 22nd

‘The paintings in this exhibition show the interest I have in creating compositions with rocks and water, and the love I have for the West Wales coastline.  Using colour and light, a sense of the weather and a love of the materials, I work from notes and sketches made outside, from photographs as well as from memory, trying to recreate the feelings and the mood that a landscape evokes for me.

All aspects of painting water excite me – the affinity it has with some  layering and glazing techniques, and the way it can have a unifying effect on a composition as it reflects the sky.  The  light from the water’s surface, it’s colour,  and the suggestions of depth are ways  to transmit the feelings I associate with a place.

My time is divided between painting and working as an art skills tutor; the teaching and art practice are inextricably linked.

Karen Pearce moved from Fiji to Wales as a child during the 1960s, returning to Aberystwyth to raise her own children in 1983. She began to draw and paint shortly afterwards, holding her first solo exhibition in 1986.
In addition to her interest in landscape and the figure she also produced colourful and semi-abstract still life paintings which were published in the early 1990’s as prints by The Art Group, London. She was encouraged by the sponsorship of Christies Contemporary Art, whose worldwide distribution of these images to companies such as Ikea and Habitat, helped her to gain a national reputation.

Following a desire to study art history and to further develop her drawing and painting skills, Karen started her formal art training at The University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1998, and was awarded a BA in Fine Art (2001) and a postgraduate MA (2003). During her time as a student she was awarded several prizes for painting including a Royal Academy Landscape Scholarship for travel.

Karen now paints in her studio at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and shows her work with galleries in Wales and England.