Raku Fired Sculptural Vase


‘Pisces’ Vase, gold, pink, copper matt


Raku Fired Sculptural Vase

‘Pisces’ Vase – gold, pink, copper matt

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Including UK delivery 220

H 39 cm

Raku glaze and copper matt fumed stoneware. Sculptural slab built forms and thrown work.

‘I work with copper matt fumed Raku, this is an erratic and unique technique which is notoriously difficult to master! However this is also part of its’ elusive charm and ensures that each pot is a unique work.

My own work is sculptural in form and has architectural and sculptural qualities. Ideas originate through drawing, and initially I was inspired by the work of Richard Serra, and painters such as Juan Gris, and William Scott.
The forms developed from the Jug shape which was my take on the still life- and became a sort of totemic or non functional form. (some might say pointless!)
At University I was introduced to copper matt fuming in the John Wheeldon style. This lent the work a painterly and atmospheric quality. I have adapted the process to use on larger forms, and whilst still frustratingly unpredictable -it has become a source of endless experimentation, rather like searching for the lost chord or panning for gold!