Raku Yunomi Cylinder Teabowl V


Raku Yunomi Cylinder Teabowl V

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Raku Yunomi Cylinder Teabowl V

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H 11   x W 10.5 cm

Featuring in our Christmas Exhibition ‘Winter Curiosities’

opening on Saturday November 6 2021

Shaun Hall has been working in Raku since 1998. He works from a small studio in Halstead, North Essex on the Suffolk border. Raku has been a source of fascination since his student days. It is a very immediate process and he enjoys the hands on aspect of drawing the red hot pot from the hot kiln and immersing it into flaming wood-chip or straw to create reduction colours! It never fails to amaze.

His work began originally as hand-built and slab constructed with a sculptural feel. However in addition has always thrown on the wheel as a side project to this work. He finds them a quicker way to test glaze surfaces and textures and the two work in parallel.

A recent illness allowed him to have time away from the studio and he began to experiment with Chawans and Yunomi style bowls somewhat in the style of the great potters from Japan. Albeit these are his own westernised versions! He found the process of throwing, turning and texturing the pots to be extremely enjoyable and therapeutic. Some are more precisely thrown with a mechanical feel and incised patterns from the wheel, whilst others are thrown with more freedom, with scraped surfaces and altered rims suggesting landscapes and horizons.

This is a return visit to Old Chapel Gallery.  Shaun exhibits mainly in Suffolk and into Wales. He has ceramics in private collections around the world including the US and Taiwan. He is featured in a new book published in January 2021 called “Contemporary Raku” by Stephen Murfitt/ Crowood Press. It also features David Roberts, Tim Andrews, Patricia Shone and Peter Hayes among others.

Note: Owing to the copper loaded glazes Shaun employs these pots as decorative objects mainly suitable for contemplation. They can be used for sweets, nuts crisps but are not “strictly” functional.