Sam and the Whale Wooden Automata 

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Sam and the Whale Wooden Automata



Sam and the Whale Wooden Automata

A beautiful wooden automata, Sam in search of whales!

Free standing

Turn the handle and the boats bob up and down, the whale swims by and Sam raises his binoculars…..

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H11.5  x W9.5 x L19

Talented automata maker Wanda uses reclaimed natural wood and colourful off-cuts to put together her mechanical designs. Each handmade Automaton has a system of cogs built inside it – turn the handle and the Automaton comes to life. She keeps the mechanisms quite simple, she doesn’t paint or varnish the wood but uses different natural colours of wood instead.

All the wood she uses is either reclaimed or small off cuts. Most of the shaping is done on a tatty (and noisey) mini belt sander with a inch wide belt. She has a small band saw, scroll saw, pillar drill and a dremel.