‘Sheep on Blue’


‘Sheep on Blue’

Including UK delivery


‘Sheep on Blue’

Original Acrylic on Canvas

Collect from gallery £495

Including UK delivery £525

Including  4 cm wide gold painted wood frame H 39 x W 33 cm

Image H 31 x W 25 cm

Valerie was born in Scotland and now lives in the South West of England

She studied at the Vancouver School of Art in Canada. 

After finishing her schooling she studied history of fashion and fashion design at the Glasgow Royal Academy.

She then relocated to London and established her own business designing haute couture and wedding dresses.

Leaving the fashion world she went back to art, which is her greatest passion.

Valerie paints in various forms, ranging from landscapes to detailed botanical and marine life.

She also worked with an interior designer, painting frescoes, as well as designs on floors, walls and furniture.

She has exhibited her work in the UK, France and the USA.

One of Valerie’s great uncles was Sir Raeburn Middleton, a Scottish portrait artist and  another of her great uncles was Sir John Strathearn who was an eye surgeon that worked  in the Middle East.  His self taught hobby was to paint wonderful paintings of Arab tribesmen and their horses.