Silver Chain Necklace


Silver Chain Necklace

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Silver Chain Necklace

One in a series of Shirley’s ‘Shoreline’ Collection

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L 45 cm

Establishing her business in 2002, Shirley Smith designs and makes contemporary silver jewellery that is sold throughout the UK.

Her work is heavily influenced by the textures and patterns of time worn surfaces. She is a beach combing ‘addict’, the current collections reflect her fascination with the eclectic detritus to be found on the shore-line. Eroded stones, sea washed glass, corroded metals and fragments of shell are translated into several ranges of jewellery that includes rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Most designs are made in limited editions, with additional one off pieces being produced for exhibitions.

Using a mixture of silver and various carats of gold, textures are added via techniques such as roller printing, sand blasting and reticulation. The pieces are then either oxidised to give a dramatic effect or simply polished for a more traditional finish.