Slip Decorated Earthenware Circles Bowl


Circles Bowl


Slip Decorated Earthenware Circles Bowl

W 16 x H 6.5 cm

Collect from gallery £25

Including UK delivery £35

Jennifer’s ‘Circle’ range, a very abstracted plant design, is influenced by the seed pods and structures of the Honesty plant.

I graduated from Cardiff Institute of Higher Education back in 1994, after which I moved to Carmarthen and started work for Pru Green at Gwili Pottery. I worked for Pru for approximately eighteen months, during which time she taught me production throwing and slip decorating techniques such as sponging and brush work.

In 1997 I moved to Buckinghamshire to establish my first studio pottery, before moving back to Wales in 2001,setting up and running my studio in Llanwrthwl for 17 years. During May 2018 I relocated to Trefin on the North Pembrokeshire coast where I now live with my husband, two young children and ageing Jack Russell.

Here I use a geared kick wheel and electric kilns to make slip decorated earthenware for oven and table use.

I use very traditional making techniques to create contemporary slipware, the aim of the work is to enhance the daily rituals of refreshment and mealtimes. As a maker of domestic ware, I do not want my pots to challenge, but to sit comfortably in the hand and feel soft on the lips.