Still Life in oils on canvas


‘Six Apples’

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Still Life in oils on canvas

‘Six Apples’

Collect from gallery £385

Including UK delivery  £410

Canvas 51 x 20 cm

60 x 29.5 cm including 1.5 cm wide painted box frame

‘I  use oils in traditional still life paintings. These are finely detailed compositions of seasonal fruit, cheese, eggs, pottery, baskets etc in the style of the old Dutch masters.’

‘I began painting, as a pastime, in 1994 and have been painting full time since 1999. I have no formal training in art, having pursued a scientific education and a career as a microbiologist in the water industry. My main interests outside fulltime work were always my horses and competitive eventing.

My first animal portraits were of my own horses and dogs but commissions soon arrived and a number of local art and craft galleries started to sell my still life paintings. When changes in the water industry would have involved me commuting daily from Herefordshire to Coventry I decided, with the support of my noble husband Len, to try life as a full time artist.

My studio is a converted seaside caravan, at my home, an idyllic stone cottage hidden in the narrow lanes of north Herefordshire and shared with Len and a companionable collection of horses, dogs and cats.’