‘Strawberries for Tea’


‘Strawberries for Tea’

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‘Strawberries for Tea’

Lady Gardener Hang Up

with her favourite cat at her feet!

Papier-Mache hang up. Each one unique. Colours may vary

More in stock, please enquire.

H 19 x W 9.5 cm

Collect from gallery £28

Including UK delivery £38

Hilary Mee’s chosen medium is papier-mâché, that ‘lends itself to being humorous and childlike, the application of colour and line giving a piece a more dramatic and theatrical air.’ Her lively pieces include jewellery, clocks, mirrors and ornaments. 

Hilary is often invited to participate in themed exhibitions, this leading to unexpected images becoming part of the range. Some of her week is spent designing for clients who have specific ideas, a room in which they would like a clock or mirror to a special theme or colour, also jewellery being sought in the same manner. This culminates in a highly personalised range of pieces, which also creates interesting and lively work.