‘Sunbeam’ Ceramic Sculpture




‘Sunbeam’ Ceramic Sculpture

Collect from gallery £490

Including UK delivery £520

H 21 x L 18 x W 10 cm

Available in our Autumn  Exhibition  ‘When Soft was the Sun’ which opens on Saturday 5th September 2020

Ceramic sculpture inspired by Piers Plowman poem.

Eleanor was brought up on Scotland’s Ayrshire coast. She studied ceramics at the Glasgow School of Art, completing a postgraduate year of study in 1979, and set up her first workshop soon after. She is now based in North Devon.

Initially working in earthenware, she pursued her interests in mythology and, in particular, the Beast Epic of Reynard the Fox, taking various strands of mythology and developing her own style of figurative ceramics.

Eleanor was a lecturer in ceramics for several years before returning to full time making, this time concentrating on porcelain and has quickly established a career as a ceramic artist making and selling to a wide range of quality outlets in the UK. 

Each piece is individually hand built and modelled in porcelain clay making intriguing figures based on animal and human forms.

Her ideas are drawn from many sources – mostly from various areas of mythology, the main theme being the beast epic of Reynard the Fox. She is interested in developing her own mythology in which different animal and human characters play out their relationships, actions and emotions.  A recent development is the making of wall pieces – where she has been able to explore the more illustrative side of her imagery.