Pen and Ink drawing


Pen and Ink drawing

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Pen and Ink drawing

The New Inn, Pembridge

Including black wood frame 48cm x 39cm

Image 28cm x 19cm

Collect from gallery £175

Including UK delivery £195

An original drawing by Barbara Shaw.

Barbara normally stitches textile art but she has discovered that she loves pen and ink drawing too!

Barbara hand-stitches small pieces of fabric together in layers to create vibrant textile collage pictures. Many of the images are inspired by the Chilterns countryside where she lives and the Cotswolds which is close by.

‘I am completely self-taught and ‘sketch’ and ‘paint’ with fabric, she explains. ‘Anything and everything inspires me to create! I try to surround myself with things I find beautiful and these items may find themselves in my pictures. Also I love plants, creatures (especially sheep) and landscapes. I am always open to new ideas and hope to engage the viewer in looking afresh at familiar images.’

Barbara is a Licentiate Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

‘I have just had a piece of work of work, ‘Statue in the Mist’ accepted for ‘Silvery Threads’ exhibition in Norwich Cathedral (organised and juried by The Costume and Textile Association). This picture was inspired by seeing a statue emerging from a meadow of flowers in a sculpture garden. I used silvery materials to give an ethereal quality to the piece, both in the figure and the plants surrounding it as I want to give the impression of light sparkling on cold stone and dew on grasses.

Barbara’s work appeals to anyone who loves the rural life as well as townies who want to be reminded of beautiful surroundings!