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Summer Exhibition 2021 ‘Sweet Summertime’

The Summer Exhibition ‘Sweet Summertime’ will open on Saturday July 10. Ever hopeful for good news on the Covid-19 front this exhibition will remain online even though we are able to welcome you through our doors once again. This exhibition will feature an exciting collection of new work from talented British artists and makers from far and near and promises, once again, to inspire and entice collectors and appreciators of fine art and quality craft. 

Artist Linda Edwards has developed a passion for gold leaf, which can ‘illuminate’ a painting. Working mainly in watercolour or gouache on paper, she inscribes pattern and a texture drawn into the gold that tells another part of the story, She aims to create a modern yet timeless fragment. Her paintings are rooted in ancient culture but have a contemporary feel. They are a modern expression of something very old.

Frans Wesselman, who is originally from the Netherlands, is a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers. Influenced by many things including biblical writings, Shakespeare and literature, Frans’ main subjects are people and his work is intriguing and expressive, revealing a very unique style which is explored in varied media including stained glass panels, vivid wood cuts and detailed etchings.

Martin Truefitt-Baker, trained as a graphic artist and illustrator, now produces original paintings in acrylics and watercolour and hand printed, limited edition, linocut prints. Some of his original prints show links to his earlier work as an illustrator, often with quirky themes and combinations of images, expressing the spirit and beauty in the changing light, landscape and wildlife.

Jemima Jameson works mainly in acrylics preferring to paint onto wooden panels, bowls and furniture as it suits her style. Her desire to paint and draw has been part of her whole life and is quite simply a celebration of the natural world that she is compelled to describe. 

Rosemarie Barr is influenced by prehistoric and indigenous art, and in particular the historical and contemporary art of South America, her main interest is the depiction of animals, birds and humans as vessels.

Helen Martino, for many years a functional potter making batches of domestic pots on the wheel, now describes her current creations as ‘serious, posh and frivolous’ Her sculptures are hand built individually and each is considered separately. They are intimate in size and, like miniatures, tell of a single moment or event and yet imply a past and future story to be filled in by the viewer.

Barry Williams artistic metal work in stainless steel has created several interior pieces. 

Since 2012 Alison Vincent has trained through individual tuition, studio-hire and masterclasses.  In 2018 she changed career to immerse herself in glass making. She creates substantial, sculptural art.  Her inspiration comes from nature; water, ice, coasts, waves, oceans as well as polar wilderness locations and the amazing life, beauty and treasures they contain.

Kathryn O’Kell’s carved relief panels in English lime make use of traditional hand-carving techniques, coloured with watered down acrylic paints, layered and rubbed back. She occasionally depicts other wildlife but birds are clearly her passion and are beautifully observed. Often images are cropped and only glimpses of the bird are seen, as if in passing. 

Our aim from the beginning has been to promote the work of British contemporary artists and makers, some already well known in their field and many talented newcomers. Now in our 32nd year, this continues as strongly as ever. The exhibition will continue until the end of August 2021

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Christmas at Old Chapel Gallery 2020

Ceramic  Relief  King

Christmas at Old Chapel Gallery 2020

We will be featuring a cornucopia of wonderful Christmas present ideas from the best of British artists and makers, many from Herefordshire and beyond – something for everyone! Including handmade cards, candles and soaps, Christmas tree decorations in copper, brass, glass and porcelain, jewellery in silver, acrylic, pearls and semi-precious stones, studio glass and stained glass, ceramics – functional and decorative, ironwork – including pokers, tongs, chestnut roasters and candle holders, bronzes, sculpture – both for inside and the garden, original paintings, prints, including limited edition etchings and photographs, a wide range of textiles to include jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, cushions and throws.  To keep out the winter chill there will be a ‘must have’ collection of scarves, wraps, collars and bags in lambs wool and Nuno felted merino wool with silk fibres by Kathie Barrs, all desirable accessories for any ladies wardrobe!

There will also be chunky sweaters for men in lambs wool and silk, felted lambs wool jackets in a fabulous collection of colours for women and new winter collections from our regular British designer/makers including a new collection of lambswool cardie’s and sweaters, hats and gloves, all made in Scotland.

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Winter Exhibition 2020  ‘A Years Turning’ opens on Saturday November 7

The Winter Exhibition 2020 at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge entitled ‘A Years Turning’ opens on Saturday November 7 with a dazzling collection of hand picked, hand made delights! Give the High Street a miss this Christmas and shop for unique British made presents in the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the gallery. Enjoy a truly delightful shopping experience. 

Due to the latest government restrictions this exhibition will be online through November and December at

Our featured artist Linda Edwards paints watercolours of birds and animals set in jewel like colours with gold leaf, tell the story of a paradise garden. Rich in detail and patterning, these pieces illuminate a room. We mostly live in cities where we might long for an enclosed garden in which to find an hour of sunlit peace. Birds inhabit the garden and it is filled with trees and flowers. The garden as paradise: this is Linda’s theme. Her work has a timeless quality that is rooted in ancient art yet is very contemporary.

Hannah Willow will be showing her latest collections of silver jewellery and watercolour paintings. Hannah finds the landscape of the British Isles, and Wiltshire in particular, very inspiring. This combined with her love of poetry and British Folklore means her work is full of animals, hills, woodlands, primeval places, moons stars and constellations. She tries to instil a feeling of place, of time and of magic in her work, connecting to the hidden knowledge held within the land and passed down through generations.

Woodcarver Kathryn O’Kell creates beautifully observed carved wood relief panels of wildlife in English lime making use of traditional hand-carving techniques to depict mainly birds, which are clearly her passion! Often images are cropped and only glimpses of the bird are seen, as if in passing. Colour is achieved with watered down acrylic paints, layered and rubbed back.

Textile artist Rachel Wright will be showing new machine embroidery pictures. Rachel takes her inspiration from many sources including landscapes and seascapes, wildlife, harbour towns, boats, lighthouses and windmills translating them into machine embroidered fabric collages, using vibrant threads, worked onto carefully cut and pieced fabrics.

Jennifer Hall uses very traditional making techniques to create contemporary slip decorated earthenware for oven and table use. Her aim is to enhance the daily rituals of refreshment and mealtimes. As a maker of domestic ware, she doesn’t want her pots to challenge, but to sit comfortably in the hand and feel soft on the lips.

Suzi Thompson is a printmaker based in South Yorkshire working with collagraph, drypoint & relief printing processes to create limited edition prints. Her printmaking reflects her impressions of the natural landscapes surrounding her home and studio; inspired by the accessible open countryside of her local surroundings, British wildlife and flora.

Tamsin Abbott’s stained glass is always much sought after and we will receive new work from her by the end of November.

Woodcarver John Mainwaring enjoys carving bird forms, especially Rooks and Cormorants.

He uses woods from the Northern Hemisphere which he finds more suitable for purpose and more sustainable and kinder to our planet. He likes Maple, Oak, Walnut etc. and sometimes paints or just polishes to a natural finish depending on the subject.  We will wait to see what he has created for our Winter Exhibition.

Finally Amanda Rawlins creates small sparkly assemblages using copper, silver, semi precious beads and wood. Her aim is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship with unique design. All her work is hand-made in the truest sense. She strives to capture a little bit of magical inspiration in her work borrowed from all the special places she has explored.

We will have new collections of jewellery by Rachel Bailey, Hannah Dunne, Elizabeth Terzza,  Leoma Drew, Shirley Smith, Gail Klevan, and Rozie Keogh, who will also be showing a magnificent angel in wire with sequins.

Don’t delay your visit, you won’t be disappointed!

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Autumn Exhibition 2020 ‘When Soft was the Sun’

Oil on Canvas - Egg Man

Autumn Exhibition 2020 ‘When Soft was the Sun’

As the evenings start to draw in, our thoughts turn to home and a good fire in the hearth. To set the scene we mark the beauty of the changes of the season, and introduce our special Autumn Exhibition entitled ‘When Soft was the Sun’ * which opens on Saturday September 5 at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, promoting the work of talented British artists and makers from around the county and beyond.

Our line up this year will feature artists Jenny Jones, Jemima Jameson and Sue Hayden.

This will be Jenny’s second exhibition with us. She was a huge success last year.  She paints mainly in watercolours and oils, usually of characterful domestic scenes and the farming community around her home. Jenny studied part time in Florence followed by a foundation course at Shrewsbury Art School, and a degree course at Farnham, graduating in 1976.

By popular demand Jemima returns with a beautifully executed collection of painted olive and oak wood panels alongside useful boxes and cabinets. Hares, foxes, kingfishers are just some of nature’s beautiful creatures that Jemima captures in acrylic paints as she creates these heirloom pieces.

Artist Sue Hayden is excited by the relationship between texture, shape, light and space in landscapes and paints with acrylics and pastels on paper that have been layered up beforehand with paint and paper creating a collage effect. This adds energy, randomness and interest to the subject. Her inspiration comes mainly from glorious Pembrokeshire.

We are always delighted to show new stained glass panels by Herefordshire artist Tamsin Abbott. Her work is influenced by the Herefordshire countryside, the orchards, the hills, the woods and all the plants, birds and animals that grow and live.

Tamsin works on mainly British made mouth blown glass, in  fabulous colours. She  completely covers the glass with a special black glass paint which is  totally opaque. When the paint is dry Tamsin then scrapes back into it using a variety of simple tools. She uses the paint like a scraper board which is working in the negative to achieve an effect rather like a woodcut.

Sarah Noël is new to the gallery and we are delighted to be showing her most recent collection  of Raku fired ceramics. Sarah makes figurative, stylised three-dimensional ceramic sculptures, wall pieces and panels. Sarah’s work expresses the human condition through a simple spirituality. She has been influenced by medieval art forms, and European and American folk art. Sarah works alongside her sister Anna in their tiny shared studio. She studied ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic gaining a BA Degree in 1983 before setting up the present studio with her sister. Sarah prefers to work mostly in two dimensions. Although most of her pieces have a back and a front, they are largely pictorial in character combining references to the old Staffordshire flatbacks with elements as diverse as Islamic art and Indian shadow puppets.

Another newcomer to us is ceramic artist Eleanor Bartleman. She makes intriguing figures based on animal and human forms. Each piece is individually hand built and modelled in porcelain clay.

Her ideas are drawn from many sources – mostly from various areas of mythology, the main theme being the beast epic of Reynard the Fox. A recent development is the making of wall pieces – where she has been able to explore the more illustrative side of her imagery.

To compliment this exhibition there will be jewellery from  designers including Leoma Drew, Hilary Mee, Chrissie Nash, Hannah Dunne, Rachel Bailey, Lesley Strickland, Gail Klevan, Elizabeth Terzza, and more.

*Title inspired by a poem from Piers Ploughman

Please note revised opening times: Wednesday to Saturday 11- 4.30pm

This exhibition will run till the end of October 2020

For more information contact Yasmin on 01544 388842

or visit

For more information contact Yasmin on 01544 388842 or visit

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Summer Exhibition 2020 ‘Making Waves’

‘Making Waves’ Summer Exhibition at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, to run through the summer of 2020 will open on Sunday July 12. As we appear to be slowly coming out of lockdown, this exhibition will remain online even though our doors will be open again physically for short periods on selected days. 

We will feature an exciting collection of the work from talented British artists and makers from far and near.

This exhibition promises, once again, to inspire and entice collectors and appreciators of fine art and quality craft. 

Returning by popular demand will be artist Karen Pearce who will be showing a new collection of her striking seascapes. Following a desire to study art history and to further develop her drawing and painting skills, Karen started her formal art training at The University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1998, and was awarded a BA in Fine Art (2001) and a postgraduate MA (2003). During her time as a student she was awarded several prizes for painting including a Royal Academy Landscape Scholarship for travel.

Ceramacist Mia Sarosi hand makes her porcelain pieces by throwing on the potter’s wheel and painting each one individually with freehand brushwork. There are no moulds or transfers used, simply skilful hand making. As a result each piece is unique, with its own tiny quirks and imperfections – the record of its time consuming journey through over a dozen processes.

Helen Martino describes her pots as ‘serious, posh and frivolous’ because for many years she was a functional potter, making batches of domestic pots on the wheel. Her current sculptures are hand built individually and each is considered separately. They are intimate in size and like the miniatures tell of a single moment or event and yet they infer a past and future story to be filled in by the viewer.

Rachael Blakeway enjoys both the freedom and the challenge of up-cycling and recycling everyday materials and found-objects into mixed media pictures and decorations. A certain shape, texture or colour will spark off an idea of how she can give something that has been discarded a new lease of life. Rachael uses paper pulp and layers up other materials to create a 3d effect collage, so the viewer feels they can step into a scene and become part of it.

Felt maker Kathie Barrs has been fortunate in having had many opportunities to learn and work alongside renowned felt making tutors from all over the globe, and she is grateful for their skill, patience and generosity. Every one brings something new to each individual’s experience of felt making, and the inspiration and motivation gained from each workshop was invaluable.

She is a member of the International Felt Makers Association, and completed her level 2 City and Guild qualification in Design and Textiles (Felt) at Felt in the Factory in 2015, where she now teaches workshops.

Our aim from the beginning has been to promote the work of British contemporary artists and makers, some already well known in their field and many talented new comers. Now in our 31st year, this continues as strongly as ever. The exhibition will continue until the end of August 2020

Current opening times are Wednesday to Saturday 12 – 4pm

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New Gallery Logo

New Gallery Logo

I’ve been thinking that it’s time for a new gallery logo so this has been designed by MK Design,  graphic designer who happens to live locally.

It will be used on many gallery promotions in the future including the Hay Festival Digital Sponsors page.

New Gallery Logo

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New Alliums are rising beneath their galvanised counterparts

Although we’re unable to welcome customers through our doors, we’re still fulfilling orders made online, by email or by phone. We’ve been pleased to be able to post beautiful pieces to those in need of something handmade to lift the heart, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to help you. If an item has lingered in the memory, but cannot be found on the website, we can try to locate it and even supply an image. If you are relatively local, collection of boxed purchases can be made by pre-arranged appointment, with social distancing firmly in place. Do keep an eye on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for developments and diversions. We are upgrading our website to provide us with an exhibition landing platform, as we will be showing online only for the time being, due to current restrictions. Many have found increased leisure for handwritten communication, so we have added a new category for cards.

New Alliums are rising beneath their galvanised counterparts

Our artists and makers are taking the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and your continued custom is warmly appreciated as it enables us to continue to support their efforts. As the traffic at the end of the garden has quietened and the swallows can be heard twittering overhead, our new tulips, planted in the sticky earth of the late autumn, are opening in the sun and the new Alliums are rising beneath their galvanised counterparts. We’re sorry that you’re unable to admire them in person, but look forward to seeing you again when circumstances allow.

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Hay Festival Virtual Exhibition 2020

Hay Festival Virtual Exhibition 2020

at Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge, to run during Hay Festival Digital 2020 will open on Sunday May 17 and continue to the end of June. We will feature the work of talented British artists and makers from far and near. 

Heading the line up will be a tempting collection of stained glass from ever popular artist Tamsin Abbott whose work is influenced by our ancient land and how we are connected to it: the hills, the woods, the plants, birds and animals that live alongside us and the world of myths and fairytales that we have spun around it. 

Artist Sue Hayden will be featuring a glorious collection of landscapes painted whilst on location in Pembrokeshire and several recent paintings of nudes. Sue is excited by the relationship between texture, shape, light and space in landscapes and paints with acrylics and pastels on paper that have been layered up beforehand with paint and paper creating a collage effect. This adds energy, randomness and interest to the subject. Her work is created from sketches and notes based on her impressions of what she is looking at and feeling. She rarely refer to photographs.

“I paint the texture, colour and light I see in landscapes, seascapes and the human form. I’m particularly drawn to the Welsh Coast and the forests and hills around Worcestershire, drawing and making detailed notes outside then painting in my tiny studio. I use acrylics, pastels and collage on Saunders Waterford 640 gsm paper for most of my paintings and my Giclee Prints are printed on Fine Museum Paper”

Ceramicist Kirsti Brown currently produces hand built  vessels and bottles in a variety of stoneware clays in sumptuously summery colours reminding us of days by the sea. The slab built bottles are created using thinly rolled clay to create finished pieces which are light and elegant. Coiled bottles are spherical in form, but each one is completely different due to the nature of the construction method.
The bottles made are reminiscent of human forms having defined shoulders and narrow necks. The glazes and decorations are then added to evoke landscapes, seascapes and marks found in the landscape. The coiled forms are reminiscent of washed and worn beach pebbles. She uses a dry turquoise glaze as well as impressed marks highlighted with copper carbonate and over glazed with a satin white glaze. Using a variety of clays, the glaze is altered from a vivid turquoise to a washed out blue.

Kathryn O’Kell has been carving wood reliefs for more than 30 years and it is wonderful to introduce her work here for the first time. Using English Lime wood and traditional hand carving techniques she depicts mainly birds, her favourite subjects since childhood. Kathryn only needs to look out of her shed window when working and her inspiration is flying past, circling overhead or resting on the woodshed. Kathryn says: “I’m never entirely sure what I want to make until it is made. The initial idea may be : species of bird, its’ landscape, a colour and the resulting carving develops organically from there.”

Jewellery maker/designer Lesley Strickland is always a firm favourite with Hay Festival goers so we are  happy to have a range of her jewellery in cellulose acetate to compliment your summer wardrobe.

The work of Sculptor Sallie Wakley comes from her life long passion for animals and nature. Each piece is as individual as the animals she portrays, starting with the clay and glazes that she makes from her own recipes to the creature itself which she hand builds over a number of days. The huge diversity of animals gives her an ever growing abundance of inspiration although she regularly returns to her own favourites the fox and the hare which we are showing at the gallery.

Artist Jackie Morris will be showing a new range of premium limited edition prints enhanced with gold and silver leaf. New paintings from Jackie will be on our website as and when they become available. Jackie is well known for her illustrations in children books and more recently for the award-winning ‘The Lost Words’, in which she collaborated with Robert McFarlane, a collection of ‘spells’ with words from the natural world that the junior Oxford Dictionary had removed…Jackie studied at Hereford College of Arts and at Bath Academy.

On going is an ever-changing  collection of unique garden sculptures to enhance  your outdoor space in a variety of media such as stoneware, forged iron, stainless steel, glass and more including the work of several sculptors new to the gallery.

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Garden Sculpture Exhibition 2020

Garden Sculpture Exhibition 2020

Garden Sculpture Exhibition 2020: As the rigours of winter weather fade in the memory and the traffic quietens, allowing us to hear the swallows twittering overhead, the welcome warmth of the sun promises longer days, balmy evenings and summer around the corner. The lockdown has prompted renewed interest in our gardens and the solace and rewards that they provide, many will have had the opportunity to make longed for improvements, an ideal time to consider a piece of garden art. With this in mind, Old Chapel Gallery, Pembridge opens its annual garden sculpture exhibition ‘Long Shadows’, showing the work of talented British designer/makers in a variety of media, all British made and some unique one offs. Each piece of garden sculpture is designed to give hours of pleasure to enhance time spent in the garden. 

Showing online only for the time being due to current restrictions, from Sunday May 3rd 2020. The exhibition will run throughout the year. If you would like to ‘click and collect’ from the gallery please ring me on 01544 388842

Visit the gallery FaceBook page Garden Sculpture 2020 photo album where you will see more images being added over the coming days and weeks.

New to the gallery, we’re pleased to introduce Shropshire stone carver Chris Lawrence, who has been inspired by the current pandemic to carve an angel’s wing. He hopes to donate one to the NHS, in appreciation of their work. He attended art college in Shrewsbury and then in Wolverhampton followed by an in-house masonry apprenticeship with mason Rob Maxfield Stone in Shropshire. He is currently working on a large project at Hampton Court in Herefordshire. Exhibiting here for the first time last year, Andrew Roache, retired veterinary surgeon, has a keen eye to animal anatomy. Most of his work is life-size or larger, being intended for outdoor display. He favours iron resin because it lends itself well to animal subjects and each cast matures in an interesting and individual way. Artist Paul Bearman has created a collection of lively animal pieces for the garden in rugged cement fondue with a copper paint finish. Paul was born in London and studied sculpture at the City and Guilds of London Art School. Ann Campbell’s ceramic sculpture reflects her lifelong interest in animals. Without sentimentality but with acute observation based on empathy she represents her subjects as archetypes of themselves. The sheep, birds, baboons, zebras and horses formed in Ann’s studio have a presence of playful solemnity, a gravitas and grace that derives from her experience and love of animals. Toff Milway throws salt glazed garden pots. He has developed his own pottery style and an increasing diversity of salt-glaze techniques which include dipping, pouring and trailing liquid clay slips, with scraffito and roulette decoration on to a very fine ball clay based body. Herefordshire sculptor David England carves enigmatic pieces with a graceful solidity in Portland and Forest Of Dean stone. His collection of original work will include the ever favourite Green Man design, hares – another of his preoccupations – and a Celtic Horse. Finally, long established sculptor Helen Sinclair produces limited edition and unique contemporary pieces of slender elegance in stone resin. 

Several artist blacksmiths will be showing a collection of their latest work in forged iron and stainless steel, where the visitor will discover green men, poppies, ferns, sheep, herons, owls, kingfisher, humming birds as well as abstract pieces, those with a practical bent will find garden furniture, garden arches, bird baths and plant supports. Some will be galvanised to protect them from the weather and some will feature hand blown glass. 

Collection of purchased pieces will be by pre-arranged appointment from the gallery garden with social distancing rules firmly in place. We have a range of work in stock, but some pieces will be made to order, particularly in the case of metalworkers, as we are unsure at the present time when the galvanisers will reopen. Waiting times will vary depending upon each maker/sculptor.