Bottle with Cat & Dog


Bottle with Cat & Dog

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Bottle with Cat & Dog

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H 16 x W 14.5 x D 8 cm

Rob throws and hand builds quirky designs, decorated with seaside and countryside images. He also produces a range of animals, including shell chickens puffins and penguins. All of Robs pots are Raku fired, brightly coloured with slips and coloured glazes, and highlighted with gold leaf.

After completing training at Dartington Pottery, Devon in 1985, Rob established his pottery. Over the years he has developed a wide range of products, selling in many recognised galleries and shops in the UK.

Rob shares the pottery with his wife Vicky but is the one who packs and fires the kilns. He spends a lot of time firing the Raku Kiln, a process involving firing the Kiln very quickly and when the glaze melts in the fire the pots are removed and thrown into sawdust resulting in beautiful effects and exciting colours, and a distinctive blackening to the clay body. Rob also always recycles the clay!