Celtic Jigsaw Puzzle Birthday Trees


Celtic Jigsaw Puzzle Birthday Trees

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Celtic Jigsaw Puzzle Birthday Trees

Celtic Birthday Trees. The wood used for these trees may vary from images shown.

Inspired by nature these trees are made from the wood they represent

Simple puzzles that double as pretty object

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Heights vary tree to tree

Birch Tree H 10 x W 6.5 cm

The Celtic druids had a profound connection with trees and believed they were vessels of infinite wisdom. They felt the entire universe existed in the form of a tree. The roots grew deep below, representing the past. The trunk sat in everyday life, representing the present. The branches reached up high into the heavens, representing the future and afterlife. They developed Celtic tree astrology based on the lunar calendar, so it has thirteen astrological signs rather than twelve. Accordingly, the Druids designated a tree to each of the thirteen moon phases in their calendar and associated each tree with a type of personality. They even determined which signs were most compatible.

We usually have all these birthday trees in stock. Please enquire.

The Rowan Tree: January 22 – February 18

The Ash Tree: February 18 – March 17

The Alder Tree: March 18 – April 14

The Willow Tree: April 15 – May 12

The Hawthorn Tree: May 13 – June 9  On Order

The Oak Tree: June 10 – July 7

The Holly Tree: July 8 – August 4

The Hazel Tree: August 5 – September 1

The Vine: September 2 – September 29

The Ivy: September 30 – October 27

The Reed: October 28 – November 24

The Elder Tree: November 25 – December 23

The Birch Tree: December 24 – January 21