Ceramic Bob The Dog

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Hand-built Raku fired ‘Bob the Dog’



Ceramic Bob The Dog

Hand-built Raku fired dog.

H 38 cm

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Tony  is a professional member of The Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.

His work is in Public & Private collections.

Like many ceramic practitioners today Tony did not set out to become a potter. His early working life was in the light engineering industry; by 1979 this came to an abrupt end with recession and redundancy.
Since 1972 he had been attending pottery evening classes at his local college and during this period began to acquire skills in hand building and throwing at the same time purchasing his own equipment and pursuing a process of ceramic self-education.
Tony then took the post of ceramic technician and part- time adult education lecturer at this college and remained there until 1988, when to fulfil his ambition to set up his own pottery, producing domestic Stoneware, the family moved to Wales.

Raku, what is it?
Today any firing process which involves the work being removed from the kiln in a high temperature condition can be called raku. This differs from the other firing processes where the work is left to cool inside the kiln for a long period.
Raku glazes melt at around 1000°c after this temperature is achieved the heat source is turned off & after a few minutes the piece is removed from the kiln with metal tongs. The dramatic drop in temperature causes the glaze surface to craze, the work is then placed into a lidded container along with a combustible material, sawdust, paper, leaves etc. This creates an oxygen starved atmosphere around the work and the carbon produced penetrates the body of the piece. Unglazed areas become black / grey, the crazing appears as black/grey lines. On cooling the work is cleaned.
There are many variations on this process and many surface decorations can be achieved. The nature of raku lends itself easily to experimentation.