Ceramic Horse Chestnut half shell with a removable nut and lid


Half shell with a removable nut and lid

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Ceramic Horse Chestnut half shell with a removable nut and lid.

The shell, not including the stalk, is 6.5cm x 5.5cm

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This piece has a stalk attached which is made from cast pewter and then hand painted. The shell is life size and cast in clay.  The nut is hand modelled and along with the shell they are glazed and hand painted. It has a removable lid which will sit on top of the shell or can be placed alongside when displayed.

Penkridge Ceramics’ success lies in the creation of the ”real thing” when it comes to ceramic fruits, vegetables and horsechestnuts.
This stand- alone collection, established in 1984 by MA Ceramics graduates, Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart, is now considered the best in it’s field.
All design work, glaze development and production is carried out in the studio in Walsall, in the West Midlands, U.K.
The attention to detail is paramount, each piece is individually considered, with several layers of glaze added to create both colour and texture, giving a ”super-real” effect and accuracy of finish.
Our influences lie in trompe l”oeil and early still life paintings of fruits, which demonstrates the beauty of the organic forms along with the accuracy and detail required to represent the ”real thing.”