Ceramic Lightbox Seven Jars


Ceramic Lightbox Seven Jars

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Ceramic Lightbox Seven Jars

The idea for the original passage lamp evolved from a series of artworks that Liz was commissioned to make for Bristol Childrens Hospital. For this commission she created a series of miniature lit theatre sets which were set into the wall, based on typical fairy tale motifs such as the dark forest and the tower. The passage design was then developed further to create this free standing light.

Seven Jars is her second design.

You can have a lightbox personalised with an inscription of your choice. It would be hand inscribed on the underside of the lid, email the gallery your wording.

Collect from gallery £325

Including UK delivery £350

H 2.06 x W13.2  x D17.2 cm

Liz produces hand-built ceramic pieces, ranging from large coil pots to architectural light boxes to flat pieces that go on the wall. Characterised by richly coloured slips and glazes and a love of ancient architecture, the work conveys a sense of discovery – of having been unearthed after being buried for centuries.

Liz has an ongoing interest in glaze testing and experimenting with different techniques which has resulted in hundreds of little samples of different colours and textures. These are her resource library.