Cobalt Blue Metallic Spot Bowl


Cobalt Blue Metallic Spot Bowl

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Cobalt Blue Metallic Spot Bowl

H 12 x W at top 10 cm

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Hand blown glass vase in stunning cobalt blue.

Jane is one of the leading contemporary glassmakers in the UK. Initially Jane was a student of ceramics, yet the exciting processes she observed in the neighbouring studio glass workshop, proved too much for her and thereafter her “affair with hot glass began”.

“Glass is a fantastic medium to work with. A moving fluid transparent material that you can take away from the heat and cool down to leave it in whatever shape you desire and the thrill of the process makes it all the more exhilarating”.

Jane creates a wide range of exquisite sculptural pieces, perfume bottles, paperweights, bowls and vases. Each piece is unique, free blown in 24% lead glass. Once cooled the glass is cut, ground, polished, sandblasted and engraved by hand.