Cotswold Lion Fleece Rug

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Cotswold Lion Fleece Rug


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Cotswold Lion Fleece Rug

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Displayed on traditional oak lambing chair.

100% natural organic wool, straight from the sheep. No sheep was harmed in the making of this rug! Using the entire raw fleece taken from the sheep during shearing, this rug was created by employing the ancient craft of wet felting.

Fibres of wool – in this case, Bergschaf – are laid in layers one the back of the fleece after it has been shaped and skirted. Add lots of hot soapy water and plenty of elbow grease and eventually the fleece and fibres bond together through the felting process resulting in this beautiful unique rug.

This rug was made from the fleece  taken from a Cotswold Lion ewe named Esmeralda.

Wool is naturally dirt and moisture repellant. Just give it a shake outside or run the vacuum over it lightly and fluff up the curls by hand.

Handmade in Herefordshire.

For many years Kathie was a primary school teacher and although she loved her work and has written several books for teachers, that period of her life has passed and she is now obsessed with ‘fluff’ ! She loves felting!

Felt is one of the oldest fabrics in existence. It’s incredibly versatile and can be as delicate as a cobweb or as strong as a yurt.  Kathie  loves the felting process: the whole activity is a never-ending exploration of colour and texture, with each project defining it’s own possibilities and directions. It’s a dynamic process…..rolling, beating, scrubbing, throwing, sculpting, stretching, soaping, dripping….the felt maker’s mantra!

Felt is a non-woven textile that is made by shrinking or matting fibres together to make an impenetrable fabric, that can be cut without fraying or degrading the edges.Felt can be made from all wool fibres and other animal fibres such as alpaca, cashmere, angora and even buffalo.

The formula for felt making is animal hair + moisture + heat + friction = felt!