‘Curved Silver Coral Stud Earrings’


‘Curved Silver Coral Stud Earrings’

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‘Curved Silver Coral Stud Earrings’

with long drop and faceted Prasiolite

H  4.6x W of Coral 1.2 x ∅ stone .8 cm.

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Prasiolite is a green variety of quartz. The two components of its name are derived from Greek roots meaning leek-green stone. The color is produced by irradiating or heat-treating amethyst containing ferrous iron to approximately 500oC, although some natural prasiolite has been found.

Rozie is an artist/jeweller living in Herefordshire. She produces precious metal, pearl and gemstone contemporary jewellery and metal sculptures.

Rozie was born in Middlesex and spent the first part of her life living in West London moving to Herefordshire in 1974, where she now works and lives.

She originally learned illustration and typography at Harrow School of Art, though after college worked in the painting room at the Royal School of Needlework, painting designs for embroiderers.  After moving to Herefordshire, she worked in the print and publishing trade as a typesetter. In 1990 she returned to Hereford College of Art and Design where she completed the Small Studio Practice course (later to become Applied Arts).

Since leaving the course she has made her own work, producing an ever-changing range of jewellery, wire sculptures and site-specific work.

Although now working three-dimensionally, Rozie continues to illustrate life and stories with her work.