Earthenware Circles Tall Jug

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Circles Tall Jug


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Earthenware Circles Tall Jug

Slip Decorated Earthenware Circles Jug

height 20 cm, base ∅ 12 cm, width spout to handle 20 cm

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Jennifer’s ‘Circle’ range, a very abstracted plant design, is influenced by the seed pods and structures of the Honesty plant.

Jennifer graduated from Cardiff Institute of Higher Education in 1994, then moved to Carmarthen to work for Pru Green at Gwili Pottery for eighteen months, during which time she learnt production throwing and slip decorating techniques such as sponging and brush work. In 1997 she moved to Buckinghamshire to establish her first studio pottery, then on to Wales in 2001, setting up a studio in Llanwrthwl for 17 years. During May 2018 she relocated to Trefin on the North Pembrokeshire coast where she now lives.

Jennifer uses a geared kick wheel and electric kilns to make slip decorated earthenware for oven and table use. “I use very traditional making techniques to create contemporary slipware, the aim of the work is to enhance the daily rituals of refreshment and mealtimes. As a maker of domestic ware, I do not want my pots to challenge, but to sit comfortably in the hand and feel soft on the lips.”