Elegant Cat  Wood Sculpture 


Elegant Cat

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Elegant Cat  Wood Sculpture

Hand Carved by John Mainwaring in American Black Walnut

W 10 x H 23 x D5.5 cm

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“My first remembered experience with wood is as a small boy in my father’s workshop, watching him plane yellow pine with a large wooden plane. That lovely hissing sound as the iron cut crisply through the wood is deeply etched on my memory.In school Art was my favourite subject, always achieving top grades. On leaving school I served a traditional Carpenters Apprenticeship while also attending Art School. At the beginning of the 1970’s the two disciplines merged and I began my new life as a maker/carver. I soon developed my own methods of shaping wood whether they were using traditional or modern tools. My love of experimenting has led me to design some very odd looking equipment in my studio……

”Hands up anyone who knows what a one-legged bird punch looks like”

……well, I have one!

My pieces have appeared in numerous publications and on television, being described in Miller’s Collectables Publication as Collectables of the Future.I have used Exotic woods but ceased doing so due to the threat to the disappearing Rain Forests; an added factor being that the dust created is very detrimental to health.Using woods of the Northern Hemisphere is more suitable for my purpose and more sustainable, also kinder to our planet.I use Maple, Oak, Walnut etc. sometimes painting or just polishing to a natural finish depending on the subject.

I enjoy carving bird forms, especially Rooks and Cormorants.

Coming up to date, April 2018, I have just completed a series of miniature carvings, many new techniques evolving in the process. This work has yet to be shown on the Gallery circuit

As an Artist I like to keep moving forward with new ideas not forever at a standstill. Taking chances is part of the excitement of creation.”