‘Fintan’ Wire Sculpture


‘Fintan’ Wire Sculpture

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‘Fintan’ Wire Sculpture

Fish on Granite Base

Galvanised wire

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Featuring in our Hay Festival  Exhibition @ Old Chapel Gallery 2024 opening on Saturday May 11 ‘Of Poets and Madmen’

In Irish mythology Fintan mac Bochra, the only survivor of the great flood, was a seer and reputedly a great and powerful changeling. Annoyed with everyone calling him Old Man Fintan, he took a wild leap into the nearest stream, changed into a salmon, and swam away. And so, the legend of the Salmon of Knowledge began and why this latest twisted sculpture is named Fintan.

Sally loves the fluid shapes of fish and wanted to capture the strength and power of this magnificent creature leaping upstream in order to spawn. Created in the heavier weight gauge wire it allows the sculpture to stand up with minimal support. The wire is also lighter and more silver in colour, alluding to the silvery scales of the fish.