Fused Glass Robin


Fused Glass Robin

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Fused Glass Robin

For your Christmas Tree or window

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11 x 6.5 cm

Ready to hang on a nylon thread.

In 2000 Robyn finished a degree in Fine Art and Qualified Primary Teaching following which she taught for eight years. During these years she discovered glass and was instantly drawn in. Since then she has been making and selling her glass through various outlets in England. In 2008 she made the decision to give up teaching and throw herself entirely into developing her career as a glass artist.

One of her techniques is to transform discarded plastic items and other so-called ‘junk’ into reusable stencils to create patterns on the glass she uses in her work. The process is time-consuming as many pieces of glass are cut, layered and sprinkled onto a base layer of glass, heat-formed in a kiln and further worked after firing to finish the piece.