Geneva Scarf in Reds


Geneva Scarf in Reds

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Geneva Scarf in Reds

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L 164 x W 27.5 cm

Silk and wool

Alison Dupernex has a passion for colour. She is particularly influenced by the artist Bridget Riley for her effervescent colour combinations, and by Sean Scully for his subtle blending.

Alison takes a group of colours such as green, chilli, marine, ochre and aqua, and finds that they change their identity depending on juxtaposition. The changing conditions of light when clothing is worn affects the colours, while flashes of white and black allows colours to breathe and amplify. Using earth colours such as maroon, grey or beige increases density, while placing them next to different colours can emphasise, modify or even reverse that density. Stripes are simple forms that act as a vehicle that allows colours to flow, pulsate, shimmer or quietly blend.

As each piece is made it is assessed constantly and colours put in and taken out until it ‘works’. Red may seem to be just red, but in reality it is so much more. The perception of colour and its essence is not only an objective experience but also a subjective one, which can trigger emotion, partiality, memories or other deeply-rooted sensations. When someone chooses to wear a piece of clothing it can reflect a mood or instigate a change.

The silk Alison uses is dyed in Italy to create the correct shade. Scottish cashmere is added and gently felted to enhance pattern and texture.