Goldfinch in Stained Glass



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Goldfinch in Stained Glass

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H 13.5 x W 12 cm

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Eddy’s first experience of stained glass came about following injury to his right arm, some 20 years ago, which ended his career as a classical guitarist and songwriter. He then needed another outlet for his creative needs and after a lifelong love of all things glass decided to try a night school class in stained glass. Eddy immediately fell in love with the medium and continued to attend night school classes for a further three years, gaining several qualifications in design.

Although he works in both the copper foil and lead techniques, he much prefers working in foil, as a much higher degree of detail can be attained for the size of the pieces he produces. The only drawback to copper foil is that it is not water-resistant so as a result can’t be used for windows, unless it is triple glazed.

Although Eddy produces a large range of work, he finds the most rewarding subjects are inspired by nature. Eddy pushes the technique close to its limits in the endeavor for accuracy. British wild birds are his forte, most of the sun catchers he produce are almost life size, but all are to scale and as accurate as he can achieve.