‘Goldfinches and Strawberries’


‘Goldfinches and Strawberries’

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‘Goldfinches and Strawberries’


Image 10 cm sq

Including 3.5 cm deep matt black wood frame brushed with gold in a 2 cm wide box frame 19 cm

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Beautiful mixed media, mosaic and collage art from Morag’s Island studio on the northern tip of the Scottish Isle of Skye. 

The studio is nestled in a wild landscape with uninterrupted sea views towards the Scottish mainland.  

Intuitive and organic would perhaps best describe her way of working using mixed media and collage, with images slowly revealing themselves in stages. 

Each element plays its part. Tiny up-cycled paper fragments lovingly added layer upon layer; accents of ink, paint and gold leaf are stirred into the eclectic mix.  

Whimsical and playful, her style is strongly inspired by her favourite artists Chagall, Klimt, Hundertwasser and Gaudi. A previous background in woven textiles has fuelled her desire to produce rich textural mixed media surfaces filled with pattern and colour.

Morag’s urge to create magic from lost items led her into the world of mosaics. She found she could combine lovely old broken vintage china with clay to make little picture treasures. Birds are her main inspiration.  

A few winters ago she spent a long time watching and feeding the birds in her woodland garden; they are so fascinating and each one seems to have its own personality, perfect for her quirky mosaics.