‘How Does Your Garden Grow’


‘How Does Your Garden Grow’

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‘How Does Your Garden Grow’

Large Vintage Box with 9 equal sized square sections

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33 x 33 x 13 cm

Featuring in our Summer Exhibition ‘Glory of the Garden’

opening on Saturday July 8 2023

Jo originally trained as a designer/jeweller before entering the world of retail. Specialising in Visual Merchandising and Styling she worked for several well known multi-national high street fashion brands. In 2008 Jo had an opportunity to leave the fast retail environment for a slower pace of life.

Always a creative person, she is inspired by nature and a great lover of animals and was able to use her passion to start her own business and have a small holding.

After several metamorphose Jo Verity Designs developed into a small unique niche business where everything is individually designed and handmade. 

Using traditional decoupage techniques unique handcrafted pieces are created.

Reproduced antique and vintage images are individually cut out by hand and pasted in layers onto the desired object to form a pattern or design.
The piece is then covered with a craquelure treatment which gives an worn and aged feel. This is then brushed with a layer of shellac and or bees wax which will protect the item for many years to come.

Jo has a great love and respect for folk law within nature and the cycle of life and death within the natural world. She is inspired to recreate the journey of repossession by our land of animals and objects that once lived among us that are now being returned to the earth. Sometimes a little on the dark side each piece tells its own unique story.