Jackie Morris Limited Edition Print The Unquiet Dreams of Swift Running Longdogs


The Unquiet Dreams of Swift Running Longdogs

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Jackie Morris Limited Edition Print The Unquiet Dreams of Swift Running Longdogs

30 available, signed and numbered by Jackie Morris

This beautiful image features a hare chasing two dogs, surrounded by intricately detailed gold leaf.

Mounted and unframed  48 x 117  cm
Image 28 x 97 cm

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Including UK delivery £375

Jackie  was born in Birmingham in 1961. Her family moved to Evesham when she was four. As a child she was told that she couldn’t be an artist, but despite this information being drilled into her by teachers she decided to throw caution to the wind and learn to paint.

“Here I grew up and remember little of those times. I do know that from at least the age of six I wanted to be an artist. I watched my dad drawing a picture of a lapwing, making a bird appear on a piece of paper using only a pencil, and I thought it was some magic that made this happen. So there and then I decided to learn how to conjure birds from paper and colour.”

She found success at the Bath Academy of Art. On leaving college she found work in editorial, illustrating magazines like Radio Times, New Statesman, New Society and Country Living. She worked for years illustrating books and in 2016, she was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal for Something About a Bear. The book includes her water colours of different types of bear. She lives in a small house by the sea in Wales, painting and writing and dreaming and proving her teachers wrong. But, all said and done there are times when she would rather have followed her first ambition, which was to be a bear.