‘Lambing Shed’


‘Lambing Shed’

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‘Lambing Shed’

Limited Edition Etching


Image 60 x 35 cm

Including 5.5 cm wide stained wood frame 63 x 86 cm

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Including UK delivery £385

‘As luck would have it I managed to be born in a wild and remote place in Scotland and insisted on being carried up a mountain when a bundle of a few weeks. An understanding mother shared my need and as we approached the summit, she gave me a sweet smelling white thistle which I still have. This first journey was to be very symbolic in my life and work.

A childhood of poverty and hardship – but unrestricted freedom to roam, plus two brothers, meant days of walking from dawn till dusk. A small packet of bread and some orange juice was supplemented by dug field potatoes, cattle molasses and beech leaves.

I brought home and nursed shot rooks, injured rabbits, hares, mice etc. We built tree houses from hay and branches, all day and every day – nature was ours – life outside the sweet smell of hay barns and the ripe smell of pond mud really didn’t exist except as something that loomed ahead.

The clash of a place in an art college or an audition for the National Youth Orchestra was, at 15, a difficult decision. Finally, I chose the college of art. After all I could draw my hares and rooks couldn’t I?! A degree in painting and printmaking was followed by a Post Graduate Degree in Art Education. With this I began teaching. This took me again to wild parts to teach adults and children who were more deprived of the creative side of life. In between I was able to travel and paint.