‘Language of Flowers’ Hand Embellished Print


‘Language of Flowers’ Hand Embellished Print

Inc UK delivery


‘Language of Flowers’ Hand Embellished Print

Hand embellished limited edition Giclee print with gold leaf 23/100

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

From an original acrylic painting

Unmounted and unframed.

Collect from gallery £80

Including UK delivery £90

Image 25 x 25 cm

Paper 30 x 34 cm

Amanda’s paintings are a rich tapestry of colour, fairytale, myth and legend. Inspired by the magical and mysterious tales she has been reading and studying since childhood and the enchanting English countryside where she has lived all her life. The colours she uses in each piece of art portrays the mood and essence of a tale that has been told through the centuries, but with a contemporary twist.