‘Oxidised Silver Moth Brooch


Silver Moth Brooch

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‘Oxidised Silver Moth Brooch

One of a kind

H 2.7 x W 3.2 cm

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Elizabeth grew up in Yorkshire and is currently based in Hereford, she has always been inspired by her rural surroundings.

After studying BA(Hons) Jewellery Design at Hereford College of Arts, Elizabeth was awarded the Alloy Jewellers Graduate Placement and Bursary in 2012. She then become a member and shortly after, was elected Chair of Alloy Jewellers in 2015.

Elizabeth has been awarded the Goldsmiths’ Fair Graduate Scheme and Bursary.

With a focus on simplicity in natural forms, each piece of Elizabeth Terzza’s jewellery is hand-crafted in her Herefordshire studio.

Her deft creations perfectly reflect the loveliness that inspires her. They are a refreshing and elegant mix of subtlety and statement: archetypal forms that celebrate the beauty of nature.

From little plant motifs to intricate one-off pieces, she is committed to producing ethical jewellery. Using recycled precious metals and hand tools to create a contemporary twist on the very classic theme.