‘Partridge in Snow’


‘Partridge in Snow’

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‘Partridge in Snow’

Limited edition print from an original scraper board


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Image 19 x 25 cm

Including mount 37.5 x 46.5 cm

Kay has been painting and selling art since 1996 and until recently has been known mostly for her Pastels and Acrylics.

In early 2010 needing to sit down for a change she got out a pack of Scraperboard, bought some time ago and her more recent work is in this medium.

“It is a new love affair, a tool to explore my love of line and detail and the intricacy of the natural world. To scratch away the ink and reveal the creamy chalk underneath, to make up a work out of thousands of tiny lines, this really excites me.
I also look forward to exploring Linocut and etching which appeals to me and will be a new challenge, however, I’ve no where near finished my journey with Scraperboard.”

Through her work she hopes to share with you the beauty, magic and mystery that she finds in her everyday world – a journey that has had many twists and turns and where stones still invite her to turn them carefully over to see what is underneath.
In her world trees whisper into the wind and creatures surely talk.
All the worlds of this precious earth are here to be discovered if only we look and listen.