‘Pen-Y-Fan Snow Revisited’

‘Pen-Y-Fan Snow Revisited’

Including UK delivery


‘Pen-Y-Fan Snow Revisited’

Available to order framed or unframed

Limited edition 850

Image H 18.5 x W 49 cm

H 36.5 x W 68 cm including ivory-white laid mount and 3 cm wide black wood-effect frame

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Including UK delivery £165

Though self taught David’s approach has been largely influenced by his interest in the work of three Welsh painters: Kyffin Williams, John Blockley and John Knapp-Fisher. All three included in their work simple farming structures, dramatic skies and a limited colour palette. The Black Mountains, the source of David Haswell’s inspiration, offer an excellent blend of buildings and landscape – old farms, chapels, valleys, ridge walks etc operating at the small scale, within the larger setting of the Brecon Beacons which bring waterfalls, the canal and some significant mountain peaks.

Former County Architect for Gwent in South Wales, David began painting in 1997, following his retirement from local government. His intention is to create highly textured images of the UK National Parks, presented with drama, contrast and bordering on the semi abstract.

His painting technique, which he has developed through endless experimentation, observation and wide reading, is achieved through a combination of textural work in very mixed media, applied with a palette knife, and overlays of deeply saturated pure watercolours from Italy.

The multi-staged process lends itself naturally to the depiction of mountains, rocks and water……….hence his interest in the National Parks.

Living on the edge of the Brecon Beacons, David finds himself subject to the ever changing atmospheric moods of the Black Mountains.