Pitcher Plants Hangers


Pitcher Plants Hangers

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Pitcher Plants Hangers

Galvanised forged iron pitcher plants that hang.

Fill them with earth and plant them up!

Birds love them filled with seeds, a must for all lovers of their gardens and garden birds.

Collect from gallery £60 each

Including Uk delivery £85

Pitcher Plant on left of image H 71.5 x ∅ 15.5 cm

Pitcher Plant on right of image H 56 x ∅ 15.5 cm

Neil’s signature pieces – large, individual pieces of art that elicit admiration and are a source of inspiration to those who relate to his unique artistic expression of himself – are testament to his skill, knowledge and ultimately his love of both his art, the natural world and the artistic challenge they present him with.
The beautiful craftsmanship apparent in all of Neil’s art was officially recognised when he was awarded the Associate Membership of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths. Additionally, Neil’s work continues to win him acclaim both nationally and internationally and he is recognised within his field as a major talent, a producer of unusual, interesting and unique pieces of work.

Some info about pitcher plants (Sarracenia)……Pitcher Plants (in reality) trap insects and other prey without the use of moving parts. Their traps are static and are based on a combination of lures (including colour, scent and nectar) and inescapability – typically the entrances to the traps are one-way by virtue of the highly adapted features listed above.