Porcelain Decorations ‘Feather’


Decorations ‘Feather’

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Porcelain Decorations ‘Feather’

Set of 3 feathers, ready to hang.

Not just for Christmas!

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Including UK delivery £37

L7.5 – 8cm

Amy’s current range includes a vast array of seductively translucent table lamps and tea light holders, prices to suit every budget.

The work is created through an elaborate series of processes and techniques. All the pieces are initially slipcast in porcelain, they are then treated in one of two ways.

To create The Illustrated Range they are bisque fired before a painstakingly hand-cut paper stencil is applied. After which the piece is sandblasted until the design stands proud. The stencil is removed before high firing which allows the inherent translucency of the porcelain to create a soft silhouette visually as well as texturally. Finally they are diamond polished before being wired up.

Alternatively, the pieces are manipulated when soft out of the mould, bumps and dents are coaxed up through the still malleable clay. The piece is then allowed to dry out before being fettled, sponged and bisque (low) fired. After bisque the pieces are wet sanded to create a lovely blemish free surface and either glazed with a crawling glaze that creates a texture like cracked earth or left naked to be diamond polished after a second (high) firing. All my work is currently fired to 1250°C in an electric kiln.

All the lighting designs have been professionally tested and are certified as compliant with all relevant electrical safety standards.